Membership Guide

Membership Guide

Release Date 10.22.2020

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Release Notes


Section 3: Data sent to payers updated


Membership Guide is 100% electronic Changes from 2019 General Information Section has expanded and now includes: Calendars and schedules Informational Sheets MHPP – How to find: Epic job aids (Quality and PCMH) Quality Measure Specification Section: Updated quality specifications Updated participating prayers Updated AHN Target Removal of UDS measures Wellcentive workflows section has been renamed Registry: Wellcentive and been revamped to now include the following sub sections: Definitions Wellcentive Reports Data sent to payers Measure supported Measures with limited support Measure not supported Attribution Handbook section has been reformatted and updated NEW Section – Population Health Performance Reports Retired Section – Calendars and Schedule Material has not been removed it has been moved to the appropriate section such as registry or general information Retired Section – Informational Sheets Material has not been removed it has been moved to the appropriate section or to general information. Retired Section – Athena Job Aids

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