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Administrative details – (pg. 11) Measure rounding – PIP measures round up if the score is within 0.5% of the target. Example: If the score is 89.4, it will round to 89. Alternatively, if the score is 89.5, it will round to 90. PPACA –...
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Key Points Biologics are large molecule products, such as proteins or monoclonal antibodies, with inherent variations that make them impossible to replicate. Biosimilars are defined by the FDA as “biological products that are highly similar to and have no clinically meaningful differences from an existing...
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Key Points Not all ranitidine products have been recalled at this time. Updates on recalled ranitidine products can be found online here. Patients who wish to discontinue ranitidine should talk with a healthcare provider about alternative treatment options before switching The FDA is currently testing...
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