COVID-19 Vaccine Information (Muskegon Locations)

Mercy Health Muskegon has received a supply of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine. This is the first step of an exciting journey to end the pandemic.

We have begun to administer the vaccine on a voluntary basis to health care personnel who meet the CDC-defined criteria of essential healthcare workers. We are adhering to guidelines for a stratified prioritization of distribution. The stratification process of who receives the vaccine was created by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services based on CDC guidelines. Mercy Health Muskegon is obligated to adhere to the provided guidelines.

This message is intended for healthcare workers and onsite support staff. You are receiving this message because you fall into one of the first priority categories for vaccination.

Appointments are Required

Registration – We are using an appointment system called InQuicker to offer appointments. This system can be accessed using the following link: Covid-19 Vaccination Appointment Scheduler*

*Note, please use care when registering – you may see vaccination sites for both Mercy and Lakeshore when registering. You may also see multiple numbered sites listed for each campus (e.g., Covid Vaccination – Mercy Campus 1) – all of these numbered sites are at the same physical location, they were just created to allow enough electronic appointment slots.

Location – For vaccinations at the Mercy Campus, we have secured space on the Garden Level near the cafeteria. Signage is available to direct you from within the hospital. If you are arriving from offsite to receive the vaccine, parking is available in the Second Shift parking lot across the main drive from the hospital entrance. Enter the hospital through the main entrance.

Clinic Hours of Operation

  • Generally, Monday to Friday with variable hours – check the registration link above for available appointment times
  • New Year’s Eve
    • 8 a.m. to noon
  • New Year’s Day
    • Closed

Please see the link above to register (note that appointments are currently only available to be scheduled 7 days in advance).

Documentation – The vaccines will be documented in the Mercy Health electronic medical record and will automatically be recorded in the Michigan Care Improvement Registry (MCIR)

  • You must bring driver’s license (or a picture ID) and insurance cards to the vaccination appointment
  • Your second vaccine will be scheduled at the time when you receive you first dose of the vaccine – expect to return to Mercy 17 to 30 days after receiving the first dose of the vaccine
  • Appointment reminders are available by signing up for a MyChart account. To activate your MyChart account, please click here

After VaccinationEducational materials are available and will answer most questions about the vaccination. Please also review the EUA Vaccine Info Sheet.

See the timeline below for information about the vaccine side effects. Most symptoms after vaccination can easily be treated with Tylenol or Motrin.

Post Vaccine Process/Timeline

These guidelines have been developed for colleagues of Mercy Health for post-vaccination care – please discuss with your employer or primary care provider.

Seek immediate medical attention for signs of serious allergic reaction.

After receiving the vaccine (day 1) and within 1-2 days of receiving the vaccine:

  • You may experience mild side effects such as fever, muscle aches, headache, joint aches or chills. Most symptoms after vaccination can easily be treated with Tylenol or Motrin
  • Post-vaccine side effects do not include loss of taste/smell, rhinorrhea (runny nose) or cough. If you have any of these symptoms, please contact your primary care provider

Day 4+: If you are still experiencing any of the mild side effects please contact your primary care provider

Other Important Items of Note

  1. It is recommended that you have a discussion about the risks/benefits of receiving the vaccine with your healthcare provider if you are on immunosuppressive medications or are pregnant/breastfeeding
  2. Contraindication: Allergy to the vaccine or its components
    1. The vaccine does not include any preservatives or latex products
  3. Even though you receive the COVID-19 vaccine, please be mindful and continue to wear your mask, wash your hands and social distance
  4. Those who have had COVID-19 within the previous 90 days should not be in the first round of vaccinations but will be able to receive the vaccine at a future clinic session
  5. We recommend scheduling your appointment to be vaccinated when you have a day or two off to recuperate should symptoms or signs of reaction occur
  6. If for any reason an individual in this phase is not able to receive the vaccine, they will still be eligible to receive it in a later wave
  7. You are not protected from COVID-19 after the first vaccination. It is critical that you receive the 2nd dose, which will be scheduled for you at the time of your first dose

Thank you for your patience and cooperation as we work as efficiently as possible to administer the vaccine.

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