Changes to the Molina and UHC Credentialing and Alignment process

As you are aware, Affinia Health Network no longer carries a delegated credentialing agreement with any payer. Due to this, many payers have made changes to the way the credentialing / alignment process is handled for our Affinia Health Network offices. This allows for a quicker turnaround time as the “middle-man” is eliminated. The information below does not replace the requirement to notify Affinia of new / terms / changes that occur within your office.


EFFECTIVE January 1, 2021 the entire credentialing and alignment process for Molina will be the responsibility of the office; this includes new / terms / changes.

Offices will need to complete the Molina Provider Membership Roster form for all new / term / changes for providers. This form can be downloaded from the Affinia Health Membership Portal and then navigate to the Payer Alignment & Credentialing page. Once the form is completed the office will need to email to Molina at and copy Affinia Health Network Relations at

Affinia Health will be submitting one more form on behalf of our offices for all New / Terms / Changes reported to us Dec 1st – Dec 31st, 2020.

Quarterly, Affinia Health and Molina will perform a roster validation and work to address any gaps.

United Health Care:

EFFECTIVE October 2020 the entire credentialing and alignment process for United Health Care became the responsibility of the office.

Offices will need to complete the credentialing application via UHC Onboard PRO portal or submit and credentialing application via For complete instructions and direction please visit the Affinia Health Membership Portal – then Payer Alignment & Credentialing page where one can view and download materials directly from UHC.

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