Aetna COVID-19 Telemedicine Website

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Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBSM & BCBS MA) and Blue Care Network (BCN & BCNA):

BCBSM and BCN Provider Website

Blues COVID-19 (Provider) Website

Blues COVID-19 (Public) Website

COVID-19 Related Utilization Management Changes Starting June 13, 2020 Click to Read

Temporary changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic_UM update 06.03.2020 Click to Read

Blues COVID-19 Telemedicine Codes 05.20.2020 Click to Read

Blue Cross Complete (BCC)

BCC COVID-19 Website

BCC Provider News Website

Prior Authorization Notification effective 10.01.2020 Click to Read

Blue Cross Complete Telemedicine Codes Click to Read

Blue Cross Complete COVID-19 FAQ Click to Read

Navient JIVA Training for 09.30.2020 Invitation Click to View Flyer


Cigna website

Cigna Covid-19 Billing Guidance Click to Access

Health Alliance Plan (HAP):

HAP Coronavirus Website

naviHealth Partnership and Claims Payment 08.24.2020 Click to Read

Colorectal Cancer Screening Reminder 08.24.2020 Click to Read

Medicaid Prescription Drug Therapy – Coming October 1, 2020; 08.24.2020 Click to Read

Urgent Care – Coverage and Reimbursement for Virtual Visits and Telehealth June 2020Click to Read

Updated Respiratory Virus Panel Tests Policy June 2020Click to Read

Updated Pulmonary Rehab Policy June 2020 Click to Read

Extended Financial Relief for members for the duration of 2020 in response to COVID-19 pandemic June 2020 Click to Read

HAP Telemedicine Policy 05.07.2020Click to Read

HAP Behavioral Health Telemedicine Policy March 2020 Click to Read

HAP MDHHS Updated Coding Guidance Testing Coverage and Copay ExemptionClick to Read

HAP Member Cost-Sharing Updates for Testing and Treatment for COVID-19 04.21.2020Click to Read

HAP COVID-19 Pandemic-FAQs for ProvidersClick to Read

HAP Billing Guidelines for COVID-19 Related Services Click to read


Humana COVID-19 Website

Go365 Medicare Flyer Sept 2020 Click to View Flyer

What’s new in 2020 for Humana At Home? Click to Read

Humana Actions to Support ProviderClick to Read

Humana Telehealth FAQ 05.01.2020 Click to Read

Humana Telehealth Toolkit Instructions 04.29.2020Click to Read


Meridian Provider Website

Meridian Rx Policy Click to Read

Meridian Field Based Visits Click to Read

Meridian Telemedicine Code Click to Read

Meridian In-Home Care Guidance Click to Open

Meridian Coronavirus Disease 2019 Click to Read


Physician Office Laboratory List Click to Read

Fax Blast 9.10.2020 JVHL Termination Click to Read

3rd Quarter Provider Newsletter 10.15.2020 Click to Read

Provider Newsletter Fax Blast 10.02.2020 Click to Read

4th Quarter 2020 Preferred Matrix for Affinia Health Network, effective on October 1, 2020 Click to View

Fax Blast 08.24.2020 Single PDL Additional Information Fax Blast Click to Read

Molina Website


Ocsar Website

Oscar Covid-19 FAQ Click to Read

United Health Care (UHC):

United Health Care COVID-19 Website

UHC Telemedicine Policy Click to Read

UHC Telemedicine Codes Click to Read

For any office that holds a Medicare Contract – United Healthcare is pleased to inform you that we have extended the deadline for the Annual Care Visit bonus program Click to Read

Stay informed about COVID by United Health Care Click to Read


HEDIS 2020 Summary of Changes Click to Read

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