Access Updating to Read-Only

Affinia Health Network (AHN) will be migrating Wellcentive to read-only access for end users beginning January 1st, 2020.

As you are aware, during the last 2 years of payer audits, AHN has uncovered several data integrity issues that have originated from manually entered data such as electronically interfaced data being modified in Wellcentive. Being that manually entered data is not a form of standard supplemental data accepted by payers and that interfaces are working as designed there is no need for end users to continue to have the ability to manually enter data into the application.

The migration to read-only access will be occurring in phases beginning with end users assigned to MHPP offices. Once the migration occurs end users will no longer have the ability to enter/edit patient data. End users will still have the ability to run reports, export reports, and merge patients via the alert or advance patient search.

If you have any questions, please contact your practice coach.

Thank you,

Affinia Quality Team

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