Wellcentive Office Update

Since the Phillips Wellcentive system refresh on 5/2/2019, Affinia Health Network (AHN) has received several inquiries and wanted to communicate the following information to the entire network.

Report Refresh Time: It has been reported that reports are taking longer than expected time to refresh. This was escalated to Wellcentive; however, all examples of delayed refreshes provided to AHN completed within the expected timeframe as outlined by Wellcentive.

  • Per Wellcentive, expected report refresh timeframe is as follows:
    • Quality Program Scorecards – 15 – 45 minutes
    • Futures Summary Reports – Up to 3 hours
    • Patient Compliance Reports –Up to 3 hours
  • If reports are taking longer than the expected timeframe outlined by Wellcentive, please report this to your practice coach with the following information:
    • Report Type
    • Report Name
    • User Name (the user that was running the report that took longer than expected)
    • Screen shot of job queue list showing the “Started At” and “Completed At” time. In the event the report is not completed yet, please include the system time at the bottom right of the computer screen

Generate Reminders Letters Workflow: It has been reported that when following the generate reminders letter workflow Wellcentive is only exporting the patients on-screen not the full patient list. This was escalated to Wellcentive on May 7th; on May 14th Wellcentive reported back to AHN that “We have identified this issue and have forwarded this to our development team for research and resolution.” As AHN receives updates we will forward them on to the network.

  • In the meantime, to receive a full patient list, the end user will need to select “Generate Reminder Letters” for each page

Quality Scorecard Measure Refresh: Quality Scorecard measures are refreshed nightly; therefore when a user sets their report filters, all measures will automatically update regardless of the number of measures selected. The measure selection is for exporting data purposes.

Adding More Than A Single Payer For a Filter in the Scorecards: This was escalated to Wellcentive; they informed AHN during our weekly touch base that additional payers can be added.

  • To add additional payers:
    • Click the payer filter box
    • Press Tab
    • Type in next payer

System Slowness: It has been reported that users have experienced slower than normal run times when using the application. This has been escalated to Wellcentive.

  • Factors that can cause system slowness include:
    • Internal Internet Bandwidth
    • Internet Browser being used
    • Amount of users accessing the application (AHN has over 1,000 active users)
  • Tips and Tricks
    • Wellcentive performs best when using Chrome
    • Close current browser (close the internet) and open a new browser window
    • Restart your computer

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